Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Strawberry Picking in Benguet

Last weekend I finally (finally!!!) had the chance to pick strawberries in La Trinidad, Benguet. When I went there last November it wasn't strawberry season yet.

During that time the farmers were busy planting and so all we could do was walk up and down the narrow farm path (I'm flat-footed and balance beams are dangerous to my health). It was good exercise though.

No strawberries at all, boohoo.

But I was in good company so the trip was still fun.

This time around the strawberry field was lushly green and alive!

Strawberry picking costs PhP400 per kilo. The farmers though allow you and about 5 of your friends to help pick a kilo worth of strawberries.

Armed with a basket and scissors the farmer taught us how to harvest and wished us luck. Yes, luck because it's actually hard to pick strawberries.

First you have to find a big red ripe one from under the leaves. Then you have to squat down in the narrow foot path in between the plant rows and just then you can snip off the strawberry.

After about 15 berries I gave up. Haha!

Iosif though is a natural farmer. He probably completed 1.8 kilograms of the 2 kilograms of strawberries we harvested. Good job! (We had to pay additional PhP400 though).

The experience though reminded me to appreciate all the food I eat. Back when I was a kid they told us in school that each grain of rice is the hardwork (dugo't pawis) of a farmer somewhere. I can't imagine how they manage all day and this also reminded me of the Philippine folksong "Magtanim ay di biro, maghapon nakayuko..." God bless all the farmers!

It was worth all the effort though and we had a strawberry merienda party after our event in the afternoon.

Oh, you can also pick lettuce! Just make sure you borrow a knife because you aren't supposed to uproot it. Right Phillip?

Thanks Vince, Ellaine, Saki, Aldreen, Phillip and Iosif for the fun-filled morning! My Mom said I actually got a tan!

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