Monday, January 20, 2014

Hubby and My Cooking

Back in 2012 I got Sweetie a birthday card from Changi Airport while I was on my way to Morocco. I got the card because of the introductory line...

We've surely come a long way from the first time I attempted to cook. The first dish I cooked for Sweetie was pork adobo and it has become one of his all-time favorites (except now he doesn't eat rice with it!). I cannot say that I'm a real cook because I treat each dish I cook like a science experiment. I follow recipes like how I used to do my chemistry lab assignments back in high school. I hated the bunsen burner and I'm allergic to LPG, so the greatest invention for me is the electric stove (haha!).

It's been four years since Sweetie had to live on my cooking. I've managed to perfect a few dishes that he likes, but since he's trying to lose weight I'm now trying to learn to cook healthy dishes. Well, whatever happens to my new experiments, because he loves me (and is usually hungry), he'll probably eat it, haha.

Easy recipes and our married life adventure is over at Mabuhay ang Bagong Kasal

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