Thursday, January 16, 2014

Goodbye Partner

One of the lessons my Dad always told me when I was growing up was that each of us have a mission and that is why we are alive. Once you are done with your mission it's the only time that you can finally go home. He started telling me about this when my Lola passed away. I was so devastated since it was the first time for me to experience death of a loved one.

When we found out my Dad had stage 4 cancer I didn't really know what to do. It was the moment that I had been fearing all my life since I couldn't imagine living without my Dad. My Dad though was happy. Yes, happy! He said he was happy because it meant he had completed his mission.

I'm very much devastated from the news that my vlogging partner has passed away. We call each other "partner" because we were paired up to do the vlogging segment at one of the iBlog conferences a few years back. During that time I was the "amateur" vlogger while he was the "expert" vlogger. I learned a lot from him and will never forget the time that the MOA guard chased us when we were filming our presentation at the bay area of the mall.

Coy was still a student when I met him so I automatically became his "Ate". I'd bug him whenever I visit his school and eventually I'd always bump into him during blogging events. He was always there and we always had good laughs. And who'd ever forget his "panga pose". I never really knew if he actually lost weight when he did his diet vlog (I think he did). Well, he always gave huge bear hugs.

Here was the vlog he had painstakingly edited in time for our talk at iBlog4.

And our teaser video (my goodness we were both so thin back then!).

Well Partner, you've made a lot of people happy and I'm glad you were a part of my life. I'm just thinking now you're with AJ up there taking selfies and making new vlogs with him. Please watch over us who's still stuck here trying to complete our mission. Will miss you.

*Photo from Philippine Blog Awards.

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