Thursday, January 23, 2014


When I started blogging (on Friendster mind you) many, many years ago I discovered an entirely new world. I know I'm not the best writer. Never got in the Siliman Writers Workshop when I attempted back in college. I score low compared to other family members in vocabulary so I just string words together based on what I just know. But I still write because I like to and it's my Mom who started me on this with a diary when I was 8 years old. I write because my muse nags me.

In the last 2 years though I've gotten so busy with work so I haven't had the time to do the other things I love and well I realized today that a person really changes a lot as years go by. You discover things about yourself and try to grow more based on this discovery. And still try new things as you go along. I've had to let go of some of the things I like doing only because I just don't have time anymore (i.e. gave up all my bead jewelry stuff and gave it to my Mom).

Last week a dear friend passed away. It was so painful and a much more painful realization that sometimes things just go crazy in your life that you're not able to spend time with your family and friends. One good thing about that happening is everyone in that circle are reaching out to each other and re-connecting. Thank you for reminding us about our friendship Coy and for bringing us together again.

So the point of today's post is to dig up the things I love to do so I could use this post to remind myself to make time for these things so I don't burn out. And I guess this is a more detailed new year's resolution, haha.

I love... traveling and eating! I successfully changed my diet in the last two weeks by coincidence and I haven't been craving for meat (no more pork! no more beef!). On the traveling part, I seriously need to plot my vacations so I don't end up just taking my VLs during Christmas.

Vlogging for Davao FAT!

I love... hanging out with my family and friends! So I must cut down on weekend work so I have time to go out.

My offline family of friends.

I love... baking and cooking! I need willing victims though for my baked products. On cooking, I'm currently working on learning healthy dishes

I love... crafts! I just don't know where to start again.

I love... reading! Argh, I have a gazillion books on my bedside waiting to be read.

It's a simple list, but I think my main aim this year is to have balance. So we'll see.

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