Sunday, January 19, 2014

Movie: Bride for Rent

Kept myself busy all day to keep myself from going emo. Three years ago today my Dad passed away. I know he's happy up there and he must've guided me in my brazen attempt to cook tempura and make kani salad for my boys (my Dad's a really great cook, he never needed a recipe book). I'm sure he would've been proud of the outcome of my cooking adventure today.

Anyway, after hearing mass we watched "Bride for Rent" together with friends. Here's the full trailer:

The only film I got to watch during the Manila Film Fest was "Girl, Boy, Bakla, Tomboy". I had wanted to check out other movies, but I got sick on New Year's Day (bad cough due to the haze) and then I got busy already. I got curious when I saw the trailer of "Bride for Rent" since it seemed like a fun movie to watch. I mentioned this to my friends mid-week last week and then hatched the plan to watch today. Endless thanks to Malou for the sponsorship (haha!).

We missed the first few minutes of the movie, but we were soon engrossed with the story. It's a romcom with a gazillion of kilig moments. Kim and Xian's tandem just really works (I watched part of My Binondo Girl). Their chemistry and good rapport shined throughout the film. The storyline though isn't really any different from formula local romcoms, but it was a fun movie to watch nonetheless.

We didn't actually notice that the movie lasted more than 2 hours since the pace was quite fast. I liked the fact that each scene was well thought-out. It was clear and concise and got to the point immediately. I also liked the fact that the characters weren't pretentious and walang angst (maybe I'm watching too many telenovelas haha). This movie was definitely what I was expecting it to be - light, no brainer and full of kilig and laughs. Watch it if you have extra time. 

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