Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Brrrain Freeze

I had our veranda door open awhile ago because the evening breeze was cool. I was enjoying it until the construction work beside our place got too noisy and well it was getting too cold for comfort. I'm heading up to Baguio on Friday and with temperatures at 12'C I'm going to be in trouble.

Back in 2012 I had the chance to visit Zurich and a cold snap happened at the same time. From 0'C when I arrived the temperature dropped to -12'C by the time I left. It was so cold I had to take a taxi to the office even though it was just a short 10 minute walk. The taxi drivers actually got mad at me, but I told them that I come from a tropical country and my body's not used to such cold weather. My doctor also forbade me from participating in a planned ski trip. He said that I would've been more prone to getting a virus at very cold weather. I monitored the news back then and it was reported that over 200 people died in Europe because of the cold snap.

I watched in the news today that the US is experiencing the polar vortex and the coldest temperature recorded was -37'C. Brrrrr! -12'C was bad enough, I think I would instantly freeze at that temperature. I remember when I was a kid I used to ask my Mom why we it didn't snow in the Philippines. She didn't give me a scientific explanation, but said that we're in the tropics and that if it snowed here a lot of people will die because of the cold. I asked her the question several times and she always gave the same answer. I eventually agreed with her (after several years of science classes) and never wished to have snow in my country. And well I'm like my Dad, I get cold easily.

I hope and pray that my family and friends in countries affected by the polar vortex will keep warm.

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