Saturday, January 18, 2014

Baguio oh Baguio

To kick off work this year I headed up to Baguio for the inaugural of their GEG chapter led by Aris. It's my third visit in the last 6 months, but it was only on this trip I had some time to do other fun stuff. I was planning to recount this on a day to day basic but a creepy night visitor took over my blog for a few days. What I didn't expect was the trip would kinda detoxify me and wean me away from pork, beef and sweets! Argh!

On the first night I met up with Vince, Dean, Aris together with Philip and Iosif. I had always wanted to try out Oh My Gulay but never had the chance. I was ecstatic to finally visit the all-veggie resto (much to Philip's chagrin hehe) and was so excited I looked up their menu while waiting for my companions to come back from their meetings.

Vince, Dean, Iosif, Philip and Me.

I did not expect that the resto was on the fourth floor in a building on Session Road. I still have issues going up stairways and so I forced everyone to take breaks in every floor (haha). By the time we got to the resto I was huffing like I climbed Borubodur. I was so hungry by then I pigged out on bulaklak tempura, kabute pasta and OMG salad. Vince said all their veggies was organic. I was so inspired by the resto that I've been researching on all-veggie recipes.

Onion Rings, Bulaklak Tempura, OMG Sald, Kabute Pasta

The next day we went to the strawberry farm to pick strawberries. In the afternoon was the highlight of my trip where we had an overwhelming number of teachers attend the first GEG Baguio meet-up. It was really a momentous day and it was great to hear the expectations of the teachers on this new community. Congratulations Aris and all the teachers! And special thanks to GBG Baguio and GDG Baguio for the support.

Welcome to the family GEG Baguio!

I must say that even though Baguio is known to be one of the coldest places in the Philippines, it has the most hospitable people. Aris wanted us to experience the traditional Baguio home and invited us to his home. We had a pizza party and roasted marshmallows on the fireplace. It was a fun-filled evening and Aris really has a lovely home. Thank you Aris for this experience!

At Aris' home. I had 4 layers of clothing on coz it was coooooold!

And then well, you know what happened next.

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