Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A Challenged 2013

The past year has certainly been full of challenges from start to finish, but still full of blessings. I started the year by having my heart repaired (mitral valve surgery). The planned 5 day hospital stay stretched into 2 15-day sessions due to some complications. It took me months to get back on my feet and become fully independent again. Well, I basically had to force myself because I was getting impatient from waiting to get my strength back. I made it through because of the love and patience of my family, friends and colleagues who took care of me during this time.

It was sheer willpower that got me through 2013. I was really happy though that I was given the opportunity to work with more communities in the region (entrepreneurs, students, mappers and teachers). My work brought me to many different places to meet many different people who have become friends and family in other countries/cities (and well I gained a lot of weight from all the travelling!). I am glad to have all of you in my life.

The disasters that wreaked havoc in the Philippines in 2013 were really challenging, but it showed the true spirit of Filipinos to the whole world. I've been helping with crisis response for a few years now and I had always been alone in the during these times, but things have changed this year and there were so many people helping now, both at work and through the communities. I hope the work that we collectively do have helped in our own little way and I hope we'd be able to improve more where needed.

It was only after Christmas that things started to wind down for me. I plan to remain unplugged until the tenth of January (I'm on leave!) and hopefully get enough rest to be re-charged for the new year.

Happy new year everyone! I'm sure 2014 will be a much better year!


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