Friday, January 10, 2014

Places with Cool Weather in the Philippines

Baguio is one of the few cities in the Philippines that enjoy cool weather. The temperature can sometimes go as low as 6'C. The only other places I've been to in the Philippines is Benguet, Buda, Lucban and Tagaytay. Aside from going to the beach I love going to these places just to take a break from the heat in the city.


Going to Baguio is easy. You can just take a bus and then in about 6 hours you're there (best to take the late evening bus). I've been visiting Baguio since I was a child and I remember during that time water heaters didn't really exist yet and I'd cry everytime my Mom would bathe me. It was just so cold! I enjoy Baguio a lot more now since I can take warm showers and there's a lot more food places to try and more sites to visit. Do visit the Ketchup Community to satisfy your hungry tummy.


Ah the land of strawberries! Benguet is where our veggies come from and the farmland is a sight to see! I'm going back tomorrow to finally see the strawberry farm full of strawberries!


Buda is a town in between Davao and Cagayan de Oro and is a great place to stopover for a meal. The trip from CDO to Davao is about 6 hours. I've only been there once since my uncle wasn't too happy about me traveling by land from CDO to Davao. The place though is like Baguio when I was still a child and would be a great hideaway if I had the chance to go there again.


Lucban is my Dad's hometown and is located in Quezon. We used to go there a lot to visit relatives and to enjoy the cool weather. Lucban has great heritage sites (it was occupied by the Japanese during the war), fantastic food (pancit habhab!) and it's where I received healing (Kamay ni Hesus). And one thing I love most about Lucban is the longganisa!


I go most often to Tagaytay though since it's just about an hour away from where I live in Manila. We usually head there just to get some cool air and relax and see the sites. But since you can only take as much photos of the Taal Volcano (it hasn't really changed in my lifetime), the best thing to do in Tagaytay is to eat! You can experience a wide variety of cuisines and visit cafes just to chill.

Feeling the heat? Relax, visit a cool place in the Philippines!

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