Saturday, January 4, 2014

Counting Calories

*I'm writing this post while watching "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" just for fun.

Ze Muay Thai pose and when I was at my regular weight. 

There has been only one occasion in my entire life that I had to lose weight. It was for my friend's wedding where I was a secondary sponsor and I got my gown 2 weeks before the wedding and it wouldn't fit! I took up badminton during that time so I could shed off a few pounds. I didn't have a hard time losing weight during that time since my metabolism was really fast.

It's an entirely different matter now. It seems that with 100% blood flow my metabolism has slowed down. I'm now *bleep* past my target weight and my doctor told me that I should go down to my recommended weight so I don't burden my heart too much. I tried to lose weight the same way I used to - eating less for a day or two - but it hasn't worked. I have never been to the gym and I don't really have a sport (except malling which my cardio misheard as bowling haha).

Much as I'd like to run and enroll in a gym my body isn't really ready for that now so I just essentially watch what I eat and make sure I walk at least 3,000 steps per day. I downloaded the app My Fitness Pal to track my calorie intake (I limit myself to about 1,400 calories per day). At first I searched for calorie equivalents of the food I ate and then soon realized that the app had crowdsourced calorie info of food so I just use the app to search for food.

What I discovered useful as well was the calories burned from doing housechores which I think is a more productive way of exercising. When Sweetie and I need to burn excess calories at night we walk around the compound (that's what we call cram-time!).

Good luck to everyone trying to lose weight like me! 

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