Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Mom's Unfinished Quilts and Her Favorite Patterns

Found a bunch of unfinished quilts in Mom's bedroom last week. Some already had wadding on it, but I guess she was still looking for backing fabric to use. Some looked like the beginnings of a huge blanket. She was the one who taught me to keep my hands busy. A testament to that is one of the blankets she made from scrap fabric. She didn't put any wadding in it, so we're using it for part of our sala set for now. 

Mom loved to follow patterns from a book. She'd make templates using a thick folder. That's how she taught me the basics of quilting. Her favorite pattern was the fan block quilt. I've never tried making it. The curve makes it tedious to make. Mom loved it though and would even make it with lace. 

If Mom wasn't making fan block quilts, she's be making circle blocks. It's even harder. I remember she tried to teach me how to make it and it was really challenging. Another pattern she also likes making is the basket block. I remember she got this pattern from the one quilt book we used to own. 

I think Mom's favorite block are half-squares. She's made a number of quilt blankets out of her half-square projects. She likes it because she just uses scrap fabric. Whenever we went to spotlight she only liked buying fat quarters and refused to buy fabric by the yard. I think she was fascinated with combining colors and she was good at it. 

I just took photos for now of the unfinished quilts since I'm sure there are more at home. Mom had the habit of using baskets for her different projects. She'd leave it around the house and work on it wherever she decides to hang out. If she wasn't gardening, she was probably quilting and sometimes that made it hard to contact her. Don't ever call her when she's in the zone, LOL. 

#BeKind #StaySafe 

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