Thursday, November 9, 2023

Dad's Advice for His Children and Grandchildren

Finding a lot of treasures the past few weeks. Found copies of "Dad's Advice for His Children/Grandchildren" last week when I was sorting some documents. He wrote the piece back in the turn of the century (2000). He was only 67 years old at that time and far from showing any signs of forgetfulness. 

There was a lot of weird sentiment at that time that things may change a lot. The "millenium bug" probably contributed to that fear. The new century felt like new territory. Changing 19 to 20 was met with a lot of trepidation. The first thing I checked when the clock struck midnight was my computer. Dad probably felt that weird feeling also and that's why he wrote this advice. 

Dad got sick five years later and had surgery. He didn't like hospitals and seeing doctors. He had colon surgery and recovered eventually. It was only 11 years later after he wrote the piece when he passed away. He really made sure all of us grew up properly to be good citizens. 

I re-read the advice and thought about how I'd fair against it. 

#1 - of course.

#2 - this one I overdid that's why I had to do early retirement.

#3 - I try to, but I must admit there are things on my to-do list that hasn't been completed for months now. 

#4 - I've struggled with this since I was born. My excuse is I have sleep apnea.

#5 - I have a lot of meds, so I really can't do both. 

#6 - keeping to it.

#7 - I'm only alive because of Him. 

#8 - I have streamlined a lot and especially stayed away from the mariteses.

#9 - My doctors are saying I'm not getting enough rest. Balance is what I need. 

#10 - of course! He is the only one we can completely trust. 

I was the one who typed this note for my Dad. I typed it under protest because it didn't feel right since Dad was still strong at that time. If I remember correctly, we even fought because I delayed typing it. I'm not sure if he distributed it because there were a lot of copies when I found it. Since my siblings and my nephews and nieces are scattered all over the world I decided to post it here. It may be useful also for others :)

Miss you Daddy.

#BeKind #StaySafe

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