Friday, November 3, 2023

Finally Found the Secret to Resto Style Pasta

I cook a lot of pasta dishes. Most are far from what is served in restos. My boys and friends say they like my pasta dishes. What piqued my interest in learning a few more pasta dishes is Miggy. He doesn't like red pasta. He prefers white or pink pasta. So the past few months I've been experimenting on pink pasta recipes. 

When I found out pasta al telefono uses tomato and cream I've been trying to find the best way to prepare it like how restos do. I finally found the secret to resto-style pasta. We randomly bought some canned tomato  from a gourmet shop. Sweetie pointed out to me when I cooked pasta al telefono last week that I should use the cans we bought.

Next time I'll use penne pasta 

I honestly had no idea that it would turn out well. A friend pointed out to me that I could use another brand. The brand though was 10x more expensive than the canned tomatoes I used. Since my boys liked the one I used, I think I'm going to stick to it (will try the expensive one if I'm able to justify buying it hahaha). 

So, what's the secret? Well, it's in our latest video on the "Recipes for My Son" channel. You can watch it here:

I wrote down the recipe here:

I think I'm gonna buy more of those canned tomatoes, hahaha. 

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