Monday, March 8, 2021

Trust in Him

I have been panicking in the last three days. I'm bleeding again. It's so frustrating because I have been very careful. I suspect though that I may have exhausted myself when I had a haircut. That's how fragile I am for now. 

Today's reading though is very fitting for me. I'm like Naaman who did not trust in the process. He was told to plunge in the Jordan 7 times to get healed from leprosy. Last week I was given similar instructions for my prayers. I have started doing it, but got distracted. And thus the reminder to trust in Him that I will eventually be healed. 

The distraction was me backsliding into my old self again. With the brain fog lifted I have been gearing myself to slip back to the old ways. Definitely not good. I have been careless. Taking it easy today. Hopefully things will go better. 

CB///333 #StuckAtHomeDay/363 #StayHome #BeKind 

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