Monday, March 29, 2021

Out of Whack

My body is teaching me a lesson. I got too excited when the brain fog lifted. I slowly piled on activities (at home) again. I backslid to my old ways. I had a red flag last week, but I did need heed it. I kept myself busy by keeping my hands busy. I finished a quilt project and did a lot of writing. That did not end up well. 

Breaking the habit of being yourself is really, really hard. 

 Sat down by the lawn to enjoy the breeze after PT last week.

One of the biggest concerns of my doctors is letting my mind deteriorate while I'm on break. I reassured them that it won't. I told them not to worry because I'm keeping busy. My physiotherapist also said it's good I have home projects. It's what's keeping my mind clear. 

I feel like I'm a Core i7 processor installed in a 20-year old machine. My 8-year old hand-me-down Chromebook is having a hard time keeping up with me now. That's the best way I can describe how I feel now. There's a mismatch between my mind and body and it's been a struggle. 

I'm out of whack today. I'm even having a hard time stringing words together. I think I'll chill for now and let my body rest. 

Hope you are doing well my friend. 

CB///353  #StuckAtHomeDay/Yr2/16 #StayHome #BeKind   

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