Thursday, March 4, 2021

I Need to Break the Habit of Being Myself

I discovered the idea of "breaking the habit of being yourself" from a friend who is a doctor. She pinged me the link three years ago when I was having issues with my breathing. She sent me some videos to learn more about it from Dr. Joe Dispenza. Dr. Joe Dispenza wrote the book "Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself: How to Lose Your Mind to Create a New One". 

It's a crazy thought noh? From watching the videos Dr. Joe Dispenza espouses the idea that you can create the reality you choose. It's like telling the universe what you want and eventually things fall into place. Well it's not as easy as that because there's a lot of mind-work and meditation you need to do. Dr. Joe stumbled on this when he got into a biking accident and got paralyzed. He used his mind to heal himself. 

Dr. Joe Dispenza offers advanced courses on how to become progressive. My Kuya signed up for it and gave me one of access passes. I studied it at night when I had trips and learned how to pray and generate the energy needed to heal yourself. It's what helped me through my first PE. 

So why am I broken again? The other part of the course requires you to break the habit of being yourself. There are stressors in your life that may be causing you issues. You need to tackle this head on and purposely accept the habits you need to break. It's a long process that could change your life and heal you. Dr. Joe Dispenza also anchors all of this on prayer. In fact the course videos I watched were filmed when he ran the sessions in a church.

Since I eventually got well, I slowly went back to the bad habits. God probably said I'm the most stubborn child ever and removed all my "power". I couldn't do anything that I normally could do, not even basic chores at home. It was only two weeks ago when I realized I had to find other ways to cope. I assessed my situation from a different perspective and finally saw the lessons I'm supposed to learn. 

I finally reached out to my Kuya for further guidance. I told him what I think God is telling me to do now. He advised I should do the spiritual exercises of St. Ignatius de Loyola. This will help me determine if it's truly what God wants for me. 

Pray with me friend. <3

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