Wednesday, March 3, 2021

How I Work on My Quilting Projects

I'm trying to stay up the whole day now to see how much energy and stamina I have. It's important for me to know that since I have a check-up later this week. My lungs though are still struggling because of the bad air quality. I had to diffuse oils this afternoon because the air smelled like smoke. The air filters are having a hard time too. 

Today I worked on cutting fabric for my next quilt project. I need a bag for my ironing mat and rulers. Yesterday I worked on the design and the sizes of the fabric I need. I don't know how to draw and my quilting skills is still very basic. I stick to regular shapes and get inspiration from my quilting books and Pinterest. I draw everything on a math notebook. Part of the quilting process requires precise measurements!

So this morning I converted the dining table to my cutting table. Mind you, cutting fabric for quilting takes so much time. I still use the manual method and draw lines on the fabric before I cut it with scissors. It would be easier to use a rotary cutter, but it's too risky for me to get injured from it right now (those things wobble!). I have to take the slower route for now. 

I only finished cutting half of the fabric today (I got tired). I'll try to finish cutting it tomorrow or on Friday. One lesson I learned from making the Harry Potter blanket is to finish cutting all the fabric in one time. I tend to procrastinate on fabric cutting because it's a slow tedious process. That's usually the cause of delay for my quilt projects. 

I prefer to quilt by hand, but since Sweetie gave me a sewing machine back in 2019 I've learned to do the back stitching by machine. That also kinda makes the quilt more sturdy. I still do the surface quilting by hand. The hardest part on making a quilt is the sandwich and basting process. It can make or break your quilt since you need to make sure that the whole thing stays flat. My most favorite part is quilting after you have basted the project. 

I probably used so much quilt language on this post. Here's a short video of one of my projects if you're curious to just watch the whole process.

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