Saturday, March 6, 2021

Saturday Went Bonkers

We both had plans for our hobbies today. Told myself I'll just fix my medicine boxes and then work on my quilt project. Believe it or not it took me two hours fixing my meds haha. There's a lot! I had to throw away the expired meds and weed out those I don't drink anymore. I also lined up the medication by date of expiration so I don't waste any. That took two hours! 

Don't you wish your home was always brand new?

Throughout the week I have been decluttering our kitchen cabinets. We have a bad habit of ordering groceries without checking inventory. I wanted to know what we have and organize the goods by category. That took several days since organizing canned goods is like carrying weights for me haha. I wanted to move some items to the storage room and that's how our Saturday plans went bonkers. 

I had a list of things I needed Sweetie's help to look for. It started innocently when I asked him to help me get a box of fabric. After one box we started pulling out more things. Soon enough the hallway was full of items we want to send to Manila. We realized we just placed things inside the storage room randomly when we moved. Since we started to pull out stuff we ended up decluttering. 

Now we have a huge balikbayan box that needs to be sorted. We'll select things that would be useful in our Manila home and give away/throw items that have no use anymore. We'll do the sorting maybe tomorrow. Should we sort Marie Kondo style? 

CB///331 #StuckAtHomeDay/361 #StayHome #BeKind 

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