Saturday, March 13, 2021

I Made Friday Night Unforgettable

Last month.
We live for Friday nights! We always look forward to the end of the work week. I look forward to it since it means Sweetie will be with me for the weekend. It also means a change of dynamics for me since Sweetie's home. 

Since it's Lent we follow fasting and abstinence on Fridays. I don't fast since I have medication to drink, but I abstain from meat. We normally eat dinner very slowly on Fridays. Then we move to the couch to watch whatever we fancy. 

Last night Sweetie chanced upon a livestream of MYMP on YouTube. They're one of our favorite bands. It's been awhile since we got to watch one of their concerts. We settled on the couch to watch. It felt like we were watching a gig at a bar haha. 

The band was accepting donations. I thought I could make Sweetie kilig by having the band greet him haha. I quickly got my local phone, sent some money and requested the band to greet Sweetie. In just a minute the band was already greeting Sweetie. I should have taken a video of Sweetie's reaction. He was so surprised! Hahaha! 

Yup, kiligin goal reached! 

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