Saturday, March 27, 2021

I Just Can't Sit Still

It's hitting closer to home. Our building in Manila where our unit is has five active cases. Our village where my Mom lives is on calibrated containment because of the surge of cases. Thirteen percent of the total new COVID-19 cases today in the Philippines is from my home city.

The government has just announced a stricter ECQ to start on March 29, Monday at 12 midnight. I had a feeling this would happen when cases started to rise two weeks ago. I instructed my family to stock up on supplies. I kept reminding Miggy to make sure he was safe when he had to go out and wash his hands. Also kept reminding him to sanitize at home. He also kept updating me on the increase in cases in our compound. 

I've been super exhausted all week with the consultations and appointments I had to keep. And then I injured my hand from sewing too much. Without a fully functioning hand I couldn't do much. I knew i had to sit still. But I couldn't. I feel so anxious about what's happening back home. I helped the best way I could - by putting together vital information for my city. 

I put myself in the shoes of someone who has a loved one who is infected. What should I do first? Find the COVID-19 hotlines most relevant for my city and barangay. The information wasn't easy to find. I did a lot of Google searches and also searched on FB. It was like looking for a needle in a haystack. 

I found the city-level information and now I'm compiling the barangay level information. I'm also researching more information about getting vaccinated in our city. I've even reached out to senior citizens on Twitter who tweeted about getting vaccinated to ask how their experience went. I'm reading through threads of neighbors to get pertinent information. You can check out our family blog Paranaque Life for the information I've been compiling. 

I just can't sit still. I know I should be resting. I'm sure my doctors will scold me, but this is me. I hope the info I'm compiling can help others.

Please take care everyone. Stay home and stay safe. 

CB///351  #StuckAtHomeDay/Yr2/14 #StayHome #BeKind 

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