Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Filling Up the Tank

When I was a child part of my bedtime ritual was saying my evening prayers. I'd be on the bed on the floor with my Mom beside me prodding me to say my prayers properly. I still remember those moments clearly in my mind. Funny, but I still say same prayer before bedtime.

In the last ten years that I've lived far away from my Mom, she'd always remind me to pray. She always had a stampita or a book for me whenever we'd see each other. She's been able to let us all go and live in other countries because she's always believed that with God's grace we'd be always be okay. 

I've always known that aside from healing from my physical illnesses, I also needed my heart and mind to heal.  I only realized that I was spiritually dry last month. My efforts to last year was not enough. My tank had run empty. 

I'm not really big on talking about my faith. I prefer to serve and be of service. I was at my happiest when I was part of our parish community when I was growing up. That was the biggest part of me that I lost when I moved to Singapore. And probably why I ended up in this desert. 

The important thing is it's never too late to come back. As Pope Francis said in his homily last Sunday, "God's love is forever". I am grateful I have my family, my friends, and spiritual advisers who have been providing support (and there's YouTube that has a whole bunch of things you can learn from!). 

The tank is starting to fill up. It's where I am getting the strength to fight back and get well. He will heal me :)

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