Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Mayday Music

I normally make my posts just before I sleep, but have a raging headache now and I could just see half the screen, so I'm cheating for Day 10 and posting a video that made my jaw drop last weekend. You see, I play the piano, but I cannot claim that I play it well. I quit taking lessons when my teacher started me on David Benoit pieces. I also found it too complicated to do a trio - with each of us on our own piano (sorry to my piano buddies!). My tiny hands and my eyes weren't just too quick to hit all the gazillion notes... just like how Jon Schmidt plays on this video (which is btw his own composition I think).

So I'm forever stuck with Pachelbel's Canon in D as my best piece (that's why I insisted it be used during my wedding, haha).

*Hey, but do check out The Piano Guys on YouTube. They're awesome!


  1. Naku, like like!

  2. Oh this post definitely perks up my day! Thanks for introducing me to the piano guys! :) Will feature them too. Take care, Aileen! :)