Friday, July 13, 2012

C is for Cookie

This past few weeks I've been playing Cookie Dozer on my phone. I discovered the game while playing Coin Dozer. This game though makes me crave for Mrs. Fields cookies! Unfortunately in Singapore there is only one Mrs. Fields branch and more Famous Amos branches. My craving was so bad I tried to substitute  coffee shop cookies while I was in Bangkok. It didn't work!

Last weekend though I was feeling lucky! I chanced upon a shop at the Marina Bay Sands that sells Mrs. Fields cookies. Eureka! I made sure we'd pass the same way on the way home so I can get some. I would probably not have cared if each cookie was SG$5 each (haha). I just bought three cookies and savored each and every bite.

Ganun lang kababaw kaligayahan ko, haha!

Anyway, Sweetie shared this video with me in our Hangout tonight. I couldn't stop giggling because I can honestly say that when I brought a cookie to work I did not share it with anyone (sorry!).

Don't you just love Cookie Monster? He's my favorite Sesame Street character.

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