Sunday, July 1, 2012

Filipino Music in Singapore

I'm challenging myself to make a post every day this month of July :)

I was ecstatic when I found out that my friends from Pinoytuner were coming to Singapore for a gig. It's been quite sometime since I've watched a show so I got some friends to go with me. 

The gig was organized by Requiem Rising Singapore and the artists who performed were Vin Dance (Peryodiko), Jerome Alcantara (Teeth) and Carlos Castanos. It was a really fun evening and at some point I thought I was back home watching a gig (most of the audience were Pinoys!). 

Here's some photos I managed to take:

The first set.

Vin Dancel.

Jerome Alcantara.

My SG girlfriends (Cathy was taking a video of Vin singing her favorite song) and Norman and Mongks (not sure about spelling). 


The girls with Vin. 

Thanks Norman and Vin for inviting us!

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