Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hanoi Life

The few days I was in Hanoi does not do any justice to what it has to offer for its visitors. I was so busy I didn't have any time to go around. The few snapshots I got were mostly stolen shots white I was in transit or waiting for a cab.

Here's a woman with her trade crossing the street amidst fast moving cars and motorcycles.

Unique tricycle rushing around. I was actually surprised to see a man walking beside it since we were in a busy street. 

One thing I noticed in Hanoi was they had special motorcycle riders-fashion. Here's a girl wearing a long sleeved shirt that has a hood that also covers the face and the sleeves cover the hands too. The child had a special protective covering. Helmets were also very different and there were for female only helmets where you can hang out your ponytail. 

This is a common sight in Hanoi. People hanging out at the park seated on plastic stools. In the mornings they drink coffee, in the evenings they eat sunflower seeds. 

I was really surprised to see a street that had many different shoe shops. It was shoe heaven! I wanted to buy several pairs of sneakers but was too lazy to bargain, maybe next time :)

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