Friday, July 6, 2012

Gerald Anderson

Some of my friends would likely cringe at this post, but it's not everyday you meet a famous TV actor/movie star/endorser. I was just minding my own business, gobbling up lunch at Ranchero Grill (General Santos City) when my dear friend, Avel, said in a loud whisper, "Gerald Anderson just arrived!" He lost no time, stood up and brought all of us to his table to say hello.  

I admit I was starstruck. I didn't realize that he was so tall and hunky! And I usually prefer to keep my distance with stars since I feel shy around them. But since the opportunity presented itself I just had to have a photo with him (haha!).

A week later I was doing some volunteer work to help teach abused migrant workers on how to use the internet. The lead teacher said, "Have the students search for their favorite movie actor." The student assigned to me was Filipino and so I asked her, "Who's your favorite actor?" She proudly declared, "Gerald Anderson!" After she successfully searched info about him on Google I told her, "I'll show you something." I quickly showed her my photo with Gerald Anderson which I posted on Google+. The simple sharing I did made her smile and say, "Ate! Swerte mo!"

Lucky me!