Saturday, February 3, 2024

Lettuce Disaster!

A few days ago I finally transplanted the seedlings. I had to wait a few more days after I mixed the soil. I followed the planting guide provided by Ramgo for lettuce. Spent four hours carefully transplanting the seedlings to it's new pots. The stems were pretty sturdy so I felt confident they would live. 

I was disappointed the next day when I saw more than half of the lettuce had wilted. I checked the soil before I watered it to make sure it wasn't waterlogged. It was almost dry, so I proceeded to water it. The next day, all the lettuce had wilted, huhu. The only one left standing until today are the bell peppers (or sili, I'm not sure since I didn't label the packet haha). 

All gone :(

Oh well, I was so disappointed since I was really hoping the lettuce would grow. I'm not giving up! I'm just going to wait a bit and find time to plant new seeds. I'll probably plant them in the pot with mixed soil so I won't have to transplant them.

And, yup, the basil also did not make it. Boo. 

#BeKind #StaySafe

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