Saturday, February 10, 2024

Cats Fought and Uprooted Some Plants

I heard yowling just awhile ago. I went out to investigate since it sounded really close. I peaked through my craft room and saw the orange intruder cat entwined in my pothos. I quickly got my phone before I went out in case there was an emergency (Sweetie and Miggy stepped out for some errands). 

Post cat fight scene.

By the time I got out, the orange intruder cat was jumping out of a pothos pot. Grey was now tangled with the pothos, but quickly ran out. I was just glad he was okay. The orange intruder cat was huffing. Grey obviously defeated him and he ran out to the street as soon as I reached the area where they fought. 

Here's what I witnessed when I went out to investigate:

Grey has been battling the orange intruder cat for a few months now. He's been trying to take over Grey's domain (our house). They usually fight though in the street. It seems they fought over Meredith. Grey has been wooing her (see here) and probably the orange intruder cat was doing the same. 

Meredith was lounging near my ornamental plants. CCTV showed the orange cat intruder was near her and that's probably why Grey attacked. I got worried when I saw the intruder cat entangled in the vines. I planned to cut it off if needed that's why I got my phone in case there was an emergency. 

All cats are fine now. Meredith looked so forlorn since the male cats have been manhandling her. We're going to bring her to the vet as well. As for my plants, I'll fix them later. Good thing it's not a very hot day. 

#BeKind #StaySafe

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