Thursday, February 1, 2024

Floppy Disks and Diskettes | Vintage Tech

I thought all my disks and diskettes were washed out during typhoon Ondoy. Apparently, some were still intact and Mom kept them. We found them while sorting through her stuff. Oh, just realized the younger generation probably did not experience using disks and diskettes. They are what we used to store data and apps. 

Nowadays, most people use the cloud or external disk drives/USB. Before USBs though we also used CDs to store data and apps. I remember using Kuya's computer. If you wanted to type a document, you'd have to insert the application diskette on drive A, then your data storage diskette on drive B to save your file. You'd have to exit both the app and data diskette if you wanted to use a different application or play a game. 

By the time the 1.44MB floppy disk became available, MS introduced built in apps. Most of my disks just contained data, unlike the bigger floppies which could only hold less than 1MB of data. Today's photo files wouldn't even fit the 1.44MB floppy disk, haha. Nowadays, you can easily have more than 100GB of free storage in the cloud. You won't need special storage boxes since everything is up in the cloud. No need to have physical back-ups. 

Well, Sweetie bought a disk reader. He successfully opened some of my diskettes. We're trying to see if one of our older desktops can read the bigger floppy disks. Sweetie also found his stash of disks in his childhood home. His data is more useful than mine. Too bad we couldn't open the file of Dad's book on Subdivision Laws. I hope I have it somewhere in my files.

Also found my old logo programming diskette! 

Sweetie's programs are hardcore though.

I have no idea what we'll do with our piles of disks. We also have boxes of old CDs. You can't really keep these things forever since they eventually become unusable. I remember I spent a good part of my break in 2019 backing up my CDs. We're just figuring out how best to dispose of it. We'll probably shred it first before disposing it for privacy. 

Have you found any of your old disks? 

#BeKind #StaySafe 

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