Friday, March 24, 2023

Will AI Outdate You?

There's been so much news about artificial intelligence (AI) the past few months because of ChatGPT. Some are excited about it, some skeptical, some worried and some just don't care about the hullabaloo. 

Outside the tech industry there's been much talk about it because of plagiarism. Students have been caught having their homework done by AI. I have a friend who caught two job applicants who submitted AI written essays. That's the "popular" way so far of using AI, but it's actually been integrated already in many of the things we are using/experiencing, ie automated traffic lights, magic eraser on Google Photos, self driving cars etc. 

My career focused on introducing technology to the masses since I graduated. I was always challenged to think about how to introduce new things to the market. From what I experienced in the last 25+ years, there are new things that the market easily adopts to and there are things that are just really hard to integrate. 

There's still so much that tech has to do to really define how their product will be useful for our everyday lives. I read an article that it could also disrupt  white collared jobs. I immediately thought about the work I used to do. I was a program manager and what I did changed almost everyday, so I think my job would have been safe from AI but probably from the randomness of getting laid off. Well, I've retired and that's something I don't need to worry about.

Adoption of new technologies takes years and will never reach 100%. If you look back at history, the introduction of machines was a major disruption. The market adjusted and other types of jobs were created. What I think big tech should think about is how to use AI for good because it's the best way to use something powerful.

#BeKind #StaySafe

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