Monday, March 27, 2023

Home on Mondays: How We're Lowering the Temp in Our House

It's been an inferno the past week! The cool winds brought by amihan (northeast moonsoon). We closely track the temperature at home because of my condition. The boys so far don't allow me to go out of the room until late afternoon. A friend did notice that the house was pretty warm when he accompanied Miggy to view it. 

Told Architect Wansi it was one issue I wanted to resolve. From watching vids by architects (i.e. Architect Ed) we learned that there are a few options on how to lower the temp in your house:

  • install more air-conditioning or a ceiling fan or buy more fans (more a/c, more expensive electricity bill!)
  • have windows close to the ceiling you can leave open. Also need to make sure that there are enough windows for cross-ventilation. 
  • install roof vents
  • install a whirlwind on your roof
  • add more natural vents in your home
  • use block curtains or blinds to keep the heat out (here's a tutorial how to make curtains)

Heat has been a bane to my existence, so it was a priority for us to lower the temp at home. From our condo I observed that there were houses that had a whirlwind. It didn't look as overwhelming as those in factories. Architect Wansi said there are sizes available for home use and they can paint it to match your roof. I knew it would look odd, but I don't care, I just want the hot air to go out of the house. 

Architect Wansi introduced us to a supplier and they inspected our house. Our roof though didn't have vents and they advised we needed to have vents installed. When I had my Mom's roof repaired last year, they also installed vents across the house. It helped reduce the heat. 

Finally got vents installed last week and I got to see the team up close. I was honestly nervous for them since the roof was quite high. They were unfazed and quickly finished the work in two days. The heat today has been very hot, but it was noticeably less scorching than other days. I hope the whirlwind will be installed soon. 

Stay hydrated!

#BeKind #StaySafe

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