Sunday, March 26, 2023

Sunday Miracles: Dealing with Trust Issues

The past week has been very challenging. Aside from food poisoning we had to deal with some adulting issues. It felt like a barrel of worms was let loose (yes a barrel, not just a can).

I've been suffering from PTSD since my medical issues escalated. Dealing with the thief last year made it worse. It made me more cautious and picky on who I trust. 

I thank God that the issues that cropped up the past week didn't drag on. It just took me awhile to work out a solution. I feel God has been testing me because I've been praying for Him to heal me both physically and mentally.

The issues took up a couple of hours to resolve. I know I stressed out Sweetie when I was working through the issues (he and Miggy have been my rock). For both issues I went back to what Dad taught me when he was grooming me to be a lawyer* - seek the truth with facts and don't be overly emotional. Easier said than done when you have PTSD. So I asked myself, what would Daddy do?

So that's how I dealt with the issues that involved trust this week. Seek the truth and get help if your gut tells you otherwise. And pray. 

Thank you Kaley Boo the Cat for slow blinking me even though you haven't seen me for a week. You're truly a sweetheart for calming me down.

#BeKind #StaySafe

*a half baked one since I didn't pursue law, but I was his "legal secretary" for two decades

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