Sunday, March 19, 2023

Sunday Miracles: Kaley Boo the Calico Cat

Yesterday afternoon, Kaley Boo, a stray cat who's been frequenting our home hung out with us for awhile. It was Grey the Cat who introduced her to us last December. By February she was noticeably very pregnant and we panicked at the thought of having more kitties. My doctor had prohibited me from having pets, so having Grey and Kaley was a a good compromise. They only come to eat and they run whenever we come close. They are our socially distant pets, haha. 

My friends who have been rescuing stray cats and dogs advised that we should bring them to the vet to get spayed. We've never dealt with cats since we've only cared for dogs and smaller pets (hamster/fish). Much as we'd like to bring them to the vet, they never come near us and we're scared to try to catch them. The cats also seem to have trauma from humans, so the most they do is hang out to eat. 

A friend advised that stray animals come to you when you need them. Grey and Kaley Boo came when we needed them the most. They allowed us to show them some love by feeding them. We were originally scared about the thought that we might have to care for more kittens, but I realized it will come if it's meant to be. I thought we could get help from friends who are used to rescuing strays and then get them adopted. 

We set up a bed for Kaley Boo to give her a safe space to give birth. Last weekend she was anxious and we knew she was about to give birth. We watched a few videos to understand how best to help her and to know if she would need a vet. She was gone for two days and showed up on Tuesday, visibly thinner. She looked like she didn't finish giving birth yet. She just came and asked to be fed and then left immediately. It was later in the week when she looked like she finished birthing. Unfortunately, we don't know where the kittens are.

Found her yesterday afternoon peering through the glass door. I opened it to greet her and then gave her a treat. Miggy gave her some food and she ate in her usual makalat way, haha. After eating she settled in for a nap and watched me while I planted some spring onions. The highlight of the visit was she slow-blinked me. Cat experts say that a slow blink from a cat means they love you. Awwww. 

Kaley Boo watching me do some gardening. 

We welcomed Grey and Kaley Boo in our home even though they are strays. We protect them when other feral cats try to attack them (yup, have witnessed scary fights!). Much as we'd like to pet them, we respect that they want to stay socially distant. Well, maybe in time they'll feel safe and allow us to pet them. 

#BeKind #StaySafe

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