Sunday, March 12, 2023

Miracle Sundays: You Can Always Come Back to Him

It is not easy to be good. It is very hard to resist temptation. Succumbing to what we want is far easier than being frugal. It is easier to gossip than to hold your tongue. It is easier to keep everything we have to ourselves than to be generous. We all fall into sin one way or another. 

I have had trouble sleeping for a few years now. It is a side effect of my illness and the medications I take. On good days, I can fall asleep by two in the morning. On bad days, it stretches to 5 and even 7 in the morning. Falling asleep late means I wake up late. Waking up at 11 is early for me, noon to 1 p.m. is normal. 

I've been trying to correct this for a few years now. It only works when we're on vacation somewhere. It is frustrating because it means I spend less time with Sweetie and Miggy. I also end up being unproductive. Less movement has resulted in my condition getting worse. It also means I'm not meeting any of my goals for the year.  

Today's Gospel is about the prodigal son. It is a good reminder that no matter how bad we get, Our Father will always welcome us back. With open arms and even a feast. I knew it's up to me to push myself to correct the issue. For this Lent, I resolved to do my daily exercises and work on moving more. It also means I have to wake up earlier to meet my goals. 

I prayed for guidance and the will to complete my Lenten sacrifice. I must admit I haven't really asked God for much. I have fallen wayward and it shows in my health. The Lenten goal is one of my steps to go back to Him. I have so far been waking up an hour and a half earlier the past two days. 

I tied waking up earlier to specific daily goals I want to accomplish. An additional push for me is to make sure I finish what I need to do before the temperature hits 31'C. I have to move to a cooler place before the temperature rises because heat is bad for those with CHF. Who knows maybe in time I can be a morning person again. :)

#BeKind #StaySafe

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