Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Wellness Wednesdays: Using Essential Oils Everyday

It was my high school classmate who's now a doctor who finally convinced me to use essential oils. I had a lot of concerns before I started using it because I was afraid it might interact with my meds. It was another HS classmate and Ninang Jane who reassured me that there are ways to check whether an oil would interact with your medication, plus you can always check with your doctor. Well, my respiratory doctor did tell me not to use oils. I was interested though because I was keen to reduce using meds for everything. 

When I finally decided to try it I got a starter pack from Young Living. My initial goal was to use essential oils to help me relax and reduce stress. I researched all the oils first before I started using it. I had to make sure it would help me and not make things worse. After some trial and error I found the perfect balance for using oils. I now use it for the following:

My fave for tummy aches
(1) To relax 

(2) Disinfect

(3) Remove headache 

(4) Remove pain 

(5) Reduce swelling and control allergies

(6) Prevent UTI and sore throat

(7) Help me sleep

(8) Help with stomacheaches

(9) Help reduce fever

(10) Increase immunity

(11) For gardening

(12) Nourish my skin and hair

TBH I think Thieves helped me fight off COVID-19. All three of us were exposed, but I luckily did not succumb to it. It was probably my medications which included daily use of nasal spray and essential oils that helped reduce the viral load. I upped my use of EOs the week we were in Bohol and when we got home. My mindset was to prevent myself from getting sick and since I was the one taking care of the boys, I also diffused oils in the hallway to help disinfect the area. 

If you're curious to see how I use it, you can check out my essential oil board on Pinterest :)

#BeKind #StaySafe

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