Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Creative Happy Tuesdays: Experiments

Mom stayed with us for a few days. Showed her the seeds I was trying to germinate, the newly boiled eggshells, the quilt cover I've been working on and an array of projects I'm working on. She said, "Your Dad was the one who loved to experiment." 

Yes, I remember. My Dad used to do a lot of experiments. He tried fish farming, grew kuhol in our backyard, tried making VCO and at one time we had a gazillion quail eggs at home. He liked trying new things and moved on to the next project when things didn't work out. Mom's interests were very different though. She likes gardening and doing crafts. She's great at saving dying plants and making discarded items reusable. 

I guess I take from both of them. Mom laughed when she saw the seeds I was germinating with tissue paper. That was why she suddenly remembered Daddy. Well, seeds I germinated did not make it. I'll re-do the experiment at another location. Most of my crafts are experiments. I do them mostly to acquire new skills, learn new techniques and have fun (I'm stuck at home anyway).

This year's craft experiments include:

(1) A Christmas tree skirt which I started last year. I made this because I want to have a Santa-inspired tree skirt.

(2) Mask cases which I also started last year. I made this to learn how to attach snap-on buttons. 

(3) Oxygen concentrator quilt cover. It will probably end up looking like my food processor quilt cover.

(4) T-shirt memory quilt blanket. I finished this recently. It's a lot of work, so the next one has been postponed to next year. 

(5) Curtains, had to customize for our windows since there was a lockdown when we moved to our new home. 

(6) Pink vinta pillow cases. This was inspired by a beautiful photograph. 

I have other projects planned, but will discipline myself and finish what I started first. Craft time has been reduced since there's a lot of other things I'm doing right now, plus I still need to rest to recover.

#BeKind #StaySafe 

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