Saturday, September 10, 2022

Plantita Saturdays: Organized my Seeds

I finally got around to organizing the seeds I've accumulated over the last few years. After watching several videos about germinating seeds I realized I haven't been storing them properly. The seeds were packaged differently. I wanted to store it in a uniform manner so it would be easier for me to find . 

Ordered some coin envelopes and then went to work when it arrived. Segregated the veggies and decorative plant seeds. Wrote out the name of the seed on the envelope. Found an old set of card dividers. The envelopes fit the Serioso Chili Garlic banig box. I think it's the perfect box to store seeds in. 

I was really surprised with how much seeds I have! Found some that we got for free from Singapore's National Parks Authority (just sign up and they'll mail seeds to you) and from our local Bureau of Plant and Industry (a neighbor worked this out). I had a lot of veggie seeds and realized I need to do better at gardening. I think it will be good to live more sustainably. 

Free seeds!

I planted some seeds over a week ago. I think I did it at a bad time because there was a typhoon. I filled up 30 slots on the seed starter tray, so far only have 4 sprouts. That's a really bad turn out! Not sure if it was because of the lack of sun or maybe some of the seeds have gone bad. I'm also germinating on wet tissue paper and the result has been bad too. Of course, I'll try again until I succeed.

The good news is, my tomato plants are finally producing flowers. I helped pollinate a few today and hope it will form. I have to help it since I rarely see bees visit. It's also been raining, so most of them are hiding. I'm trying to grow sweet alyssum because I read that it will help attract bees. Flowering plants will also help divert the attention of creepy crawlies away from your veggies. Also hope the sili seeds I planted will grow. I just got those seeds from the free sili whenever we order inihaw, haha. 

I hope I'll have a better season of gardening!

#BeSafe #StaySafe

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