Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Wellness Wednesdays: Exercise to Get Out of a Rut

When you cannot perform, japorms! - Marc Macalua

Getting out of a rut is half the battle to being well. I fell in a deep ravine in the past two weeks after I had a cardiac episode. The chest pain was unlike any I've experienced. I saw my cardiologist and she's still investigating what happened. The debilitating pain was followed by severe headaches that lasted for a few days. 

Whenever this happens I end up depressed and anxious. It makes me feel like it's the end of the world. I slept the headache off and prayed that it's not something serious. It's bad enough my doctor has suggested surgery. My doctors in Singapore though would disagree. They said it would be too risky for me to get poked. I'll still get myself reviewed by the surgeon to see if there's any hope to have a better quality of life. 

At some point when I was having migraine, I got tired. I told myself there should be a way to get out of it. Sleep helped, but the pain was replaced with back pain. I got angry at my body for succumbing to all these aches and pains. I told a fellow patient in the blood clot  group that getting out of a rut is half the battle to feeling well. 

I had previously enrolled in the Justin Agustin beginners exercise program. It was still too overwhelming for me. I've been following Bob & Brad on YouTube. They claim to be "the most famous physiotherapists on the internet", haha. Well, they've been on YT for 12 years now and most of the exercises they teach are similar to what Wendy (my PT) taught me. Found a few very basic exercise videos on their channel and started doing it. 

I've been doing 10 to 15 minute exercises the past few days and it's making me feel better. I was able to increase movement yesterday. I started with 10 minute stretching exercises and then did more than half of the upper body exercise. What's good about it is I have the option to do it standing or sitting down. Today I think I'll do some bridging to help ease my back pain. 

If you're as sedentary as me, you may want to try some of Bob & Brad's exercises. Just search for "Bob & Brad Jordan" on YouTube. 

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