Friday, January 15, 2021

Road to Recovery: One Step at a Time

I never went back to normal after my first pulmonary embolism (PE) in 2018. It was really hard for me especially since part of my job requires me to travel. Many health articles say that it takes one to two years to recover. You also basically become allergic to exercise. Just before my doctor diagnosed my second PE last week I would be out of breath walking ten steps to and from the bathroom. 

Enjoying the fresh air by the pool.

The medication will not dissolve the clots in my lungs. With thinner blood it will hopefully disintegrate as blood flows or it can become a scar. The danger lies when a clot gets dislodged and travel somewhere where it blocks the flow of blood. It's like getting bubble tea pearls stuck in the straw. I did some research about post-PE exercise and it is a must. 

Yesterday I insisted on walking to the taxi stand. I didn't want a wheelchair because I wanted to see how far I could walk without huffing and puffing. It was adrenaline haha. I hope to go back to my physiotherapy sessions next week, but that would only work if I don't get easily exhausted (the first step is to commute to the clinic!). Today Sweetie accompanied me on a short walk to the pool. It was just a thousand steps and I'm now exhausted. 

My doctor told me to take it easy, but I have to work on getting my stamina back. I hope to add more steps when we go out for a walk tomorrow. I'm also doing some stretching exercise (more on the legs) to get my blood circulating properly. I'm also walking around every 30 minutes so my legs won't swell. 

Sweetie said we should set a goal so I can get myself moving more. We'll set this during dinner tonight :)

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