Monday, January 11, 2021

Back at the Ward

Spent three gruelling nights at the ICU. Blood clots in the lungs is serious business. Hourly checks of your vitals means you can't get any proper sleep. My arms are bruised from the drip which had to be moved several times because my veins are too small. I am grateful for the care the nurses. I was fully dependent on them. 

I think it's important to smile through challenges.

My doctor said I could go back to the regular room this morning. That came with two needle pricks for a blood test (the first one did not produce enough blood huhu). I didn't care since I was looking forward to going back to a regular room (since that means maybe I can go home soon). My doctor though isn't happy yet which means I am not out of the woods yet. 

The hardest part of this ordeal is the anxiety that comes with having pulmonary embolism. You have to depend on your body to respond to the treatment. You can't really control a clot and the only way to know its location is through a CT scan. We also don't know the cause of the clotting (oddball forever!). I barely slept last Saturday because I was worried. Changed tactics last night and focused on praying. 

The first time I had it I believe I recovered because of my faith. Everything I've been through I survived because of faith. I still want to do a lot of things and pray I'll pull through.

Pray for me?

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