Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Watching the World from the Window

I finally have a view from my window. My first room only had the wall of the hospital outside. At the ICU at least it was the window where the lifts of the doctor offices were located. Now i could see the hotel across the street, a major thoroughfare, some patches of green, and a school. It's hopefully a sign that I'd soon be out of the woods. The school is also serving a reminder that I still have a mission.

After tea break today I stood by the window to watch what was going on outside. Saw one of our buses pass by, several luxury cars, students just out from school about to cross the street, and construction workers draining the water brought by the heavy rains. Life goes on outside while i stay put for now.

I still follow my doctor's advise to stay offline. This is to reduce stress and focus my mind in getting well. I've been using the digital wellbeing function of my phone. It helps a lot and it's forced me to rest. I still read the news and all i can do now is pray that things would get better. Seeing so many countries go on lockdown again is sad. Here in the hospital, they have been vaccinating the frontline workers already. 

My doctor had me scanned again today. We took the risk to rule out anything serious. He brought good news that my scan was clear. It doesnt explain though why I had clots again. He said that it's good news that there's nothing serious to worry about. We just need to plan what to do to prevent another clot. My other doctor suggested an IVC filter, but my other doctors are not convinced. We'll have to discuss more in the next few days. What's important for now is I get a good night's sleep.

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