Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Muffin Time and Positivity

Day two today at the hospital and it is supper time. Auntie brought in a muffin and Milo. This is what I was looking forward to all day haha.

It's been an exhausting day with the tests and treatment. My doctor hopes we're on the right track because he said I'm a special case (it's complicated hehe). Looks like we are because my breathing has been okay. Once this is resolved I hope the giddiness will be gone too, that's imperative before I can go back to work.

I had Sweetie bring me the books I ordered from Manila. I was so busy today I haven't gotten around to reading it. Hope to read before I go to sleep. I should probably stop watching BBC Earth noh? Since we don't have cable this is a channel I usually watch when I travel. Got to keep learning! 

I'm so grateful a number of Pinoy nurses are on my floor. They come in every so often to check on me. Sometimes it's hard to describe what you're feeling in English! I remember the nurse at the other hospital who was so worried that not all my allergies were listed. I ended up having more flags on my bed dashboard lol. I hope by the end of this ordeal I can send something for the nurses who took care of me in both hospitals.

My other doctor messaged me to send some reminders and said, "Keep positive!" He told me before how amazed he is with my spirit. A few years after my surgery he said they almost lost me and said he believed that it was my fighting spirit that got me through. I've overcome several illnesses that have high mortality rates, so I should be able to get through this small hump soon enough. It's just weirdly taking so long.

I'm on a strict diet right now, but since muffins make me happy I wonder if auntie can give me more heehee. 

CB///271 #StuckAtHomeDay/301 #StayHome #BeKind 

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