Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Here We Go Again

I was feeling so unwell this morning. I had Sweetie call my doctor to let him know what I was going through. My doctor had me come see him for a check-up. I've been admitted to the hospital again since bleeding after a PE is dangerous. I have to stop the medication until the bleeding stops.

It's been a challenging day and I couldn't help but cry already this morning because I was feeling worse than when I was first admitted early this month. I was upset because I was feeling better already and had been increasing my daily step count. This is a huge setback for me since I was hoping to go back to work before CNY. I just hope and pray I won't be in the hospital for a long time.

Please pray for me.

CB///292 #StuckAtHomeDay/322 #StayHome #BeKind


  1. I pray for your relief from pain and suffering and welcome complete healing the Lord provides. Stay strong inside and out Sweetie. Add me to your source of strength too.

  2. Hi Achi Aileen,
    Hope you have a speedy recovery/recuperation. My prayers and thoughts are with you. <3

    Much Love.

  3. Feel better soon :) Lots of good vibes from Korea for you