Friday, January 29, 2021

Professional Patient?

When you have pulmonary embolism issues don't end once you get a heparin shot and drink anticoagulants (blood thinners). There would be days (or hours) where you can function like normal and then you suddenly feel fatigued. Breathing issues, nausea and feeling unwell is an everyday thing. Every ache and pain can make you think you're having another clot. It's very hard to determine when you should go to your doctor or the emergency room. A wrong move can be your end.

Day 1, smiling helps make you feel better (and keep Sweetie from worrying too much).

I did not have maintenance meds for five years after surgery. I was lucky. I travelled like crazy during those five years, but things changed in 2018. I started taking lots of meds. I abhorred it. It was when my PE was found that I started to understand my body better. 

I listened to my body more and understood better it's limits. In 2020 I made it my goal to reduce the medications I had to drink. I was successful in reducing it. The situation has been tricky because there are still unknowns in my condition. One thing I know is my mind, heart and body can fight back. As my friend Match keeps telling me, "You're heart is resilient. Just allow it (to heal)." 

Today's morning visitor. This birdie has been dropping by everyday.

And that's why I did not panic when I started to bleed last Sunday. I listened to my body. And that's why one of my nurses said I'm a professional patient. I understand my limits and know when to seek help. Sometimes though I need to remind myself to seek help earlier. I'm grateful my doctors also understand my needs better now. Hopefully this year we'll find out what's causing all the issues. In the meantime I hope to recover properly with no more potholes along the way.

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