Thursday, January 14, 2021

Home Sweetie Home!

Thank you Lord I'm finally home after 11 days at the hospital. I'm so thankful my doctor followed his instincts and figured out what was wrong. It is the second time he saved my life. I am grateful to the teams of health workers who took care of me 24 hours a day, and the uncles and aunties who made sure I ate properly and kept my room clean. And thank you to Sweetie, Miggy, my siblings and friends who supported and prayed for me throughout the ordeal.

Today my doctor finally discharged me! At one-thirty in the afternoon I finally stepped out of the room and was greeted by so many nurses at their station. It was probably two shifts of nurses because they usually change teams at 2pm. It was so overwhelming because all of them were wishing me well. I wish I could send them something to show my gratitude. Maybe I'll bring something next week for my follow-up appointment. 

Now that I am home I will focus first on getting well. My doctor said to monitor my symptoms and immediately come back if I bleed. I bled a lot when my first PE was treated. I have to rest, eat properly and move around as much as i could. It takes months to dissolve the clots and one to two years to fully recover. I hope and pray it won't happen again. 

CB///280 #StuckAtHomeDay/310 #StayHome #BeKind

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