Wednesday, January 20, 2021

New Gadget for Our Balik Alindog Program

As I was finishing yesterday's blog post our new gadget arrived. For many years I used a MiBand 1. I got one because I wanted to monitor my steps and know if I'm getting enough deep sleep. I didn't upgrade because I didn't want a step counter with a display screen. Eventually I needed to track more things, my pulse, BP and oxygen saturation. My doctor told me to get an oximeter last May. My physiotherapist monitors it while I exercise. 

I've been wanting to upgrade my MiBand since early last year. As usual I took so long to decide what to get. After some research I decided to get a Fitbit Versa 3. Aside from the usual step count and sleep monitoring feature, it also monitors SPO2 and heart rate while you sleep. It's important for me to monitor those while I'm being treated for pulmonary embolism. 

Used it for the first time last night when we went for our evening walk. Wore it also to sleep. I was happy to review the data in the morning. I still kept waking up at odd hours, but the data reassured me that my breathing was normal. I can also show it to my doctor when I go for my check-up tomorrow. It would be interesting to see how much progress I'll be making through this gadget. And I hope next week I can go back to my PT sessions. 

I made sure I didn't push myself too hard last night. I kept myself moving after lunch by making some leche flan and walked about 1,500 steps after dinner. It was a different experience walking outside at night. It was a bit windy and that made it easier for me to breathe through the mask (yaaas!). I usually struggle breathing through a mask, I hope the monsoon sticks around for awhile. 

Thank you to everyone who reached out last night. Really appreciate your prayers and messages. 

CB///286 #StuckAtHomeDay/316 #StayHome #BeKind 

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