Thursday, January 21, 2021

Why Filipino Nurses are the Best

In the last few weeks I have been under the care of many nurses, most of them are Filipinos. I was honestly more at ease when it was a Filipino nurse tending to me (especially when they needed to draw blood). The first Pinoy nurse who took care at me at the ICU was Ate Benny. She has been working at that hospital for over 20 years already. She said she would have remembered me if she was around when I had heart surgery. It was the first week of new year so she was on leave that time in 2013. I really felt her concern for me and she made sure I was comfortable. 

Beautiful Thank You cards from Ms. Myna. 

The Filipino nurses I met were from different parts of the Philippines. From Valenzuela, Binan, Batangas, Iloilo, Bacolod, Davao and even Sarangani. They always spent time talking to me and I'd always share my favorite things from their provinces. They also shared how hard it's been for them since they haven't been able to go home for over a year already. They're just thankful that the situation here has eased up a bit and they're not as busy. 

Filipino nurses are the best because they show a lot of empathy to patients. When my arm was already hurting from the plot (that thing they stick on your vein with a needle), they looked for a doctor to properly place it on me (it's normally nurses who put it on here). They also understood my need to clean up in the morning and evening. And they always made sure I was comfortable. At the ICU, I knew they would check on me while I was sleeping (probably when my vitals were not good). And they were always on point for my treatment.

My cardiovascular surgeon has a lot to say about Filipino nurses. He said they are the best people to be with during a crisis. He said they are resilient, always full of good vibes, and they never give up. I think he was also referring to Ate Benny because she told me she's worked with him a lot. 

Happy selfie after visiting my nurses :)

So today I visited the nurses who took care of me at the ward and ICU. I brought them a nice thank you card and some chocolates. They were so happy to see me when I dropped by and wished me well. I thought it was important for me to show how grateful I was for their care. They work so hard and hope they would enjoy the chocolates I left for all of them. 

Of course, I am also grateful for the non-Filipino nurses. They also took care of me very well. In fact, the last nurse who took care of me made sure I wasn't hurt when she drew blood from my arm. She had a magic trick up her sleeve and I didn't even feel the 6 vials of blood she got from me. Haha. 

They are true heroes <3

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