Thursday, October 29, 2020

The Rebirth Moth

After physiotherapy the other day I chanced upon a beautiful green insect. I quickly snapped a photo of it to check what it was through Google Lens. It said it's an oleander hawk-moth. 

I was amazed to see a green colored moth. I thought all moths are just brown. I got curious and read a bit more about moths. I was surprised to find out that moths come in different colors. The come in amazing shades of brown, yellow, orange, green, silver etc. I was really pleasantly surprised to see an oleander hawk-moth in the CBD resting on a bank signage. 

Green moths mean different things in different cultures. I read a few articles saying that green moths symbolize rebirth, renewal and transformation. Other articles say that green moths also mean something big will come to you. 

It was such a simple joy to see a beautiful creature. I hope I discover more things when I go out. 

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