Monday, October 12, 2020

Temalats, Finding Old Friends

Last week my college friends pinged and invited for an online get-together. I haven't see most of them since we graduated (we're all from different batches). Some are my friends on FB so I see what they're up to. We're now scattered across the world and we all got busy with our own lives. 

I was part of our literary folio. It was one of the student publications in our university. I joined it because I wanted to improve my writing skills. It was daunting to be part of it since my friends were really talented literary writers. Some went on to work at advertising agencies and have written multi-awarded ads. Some are in government, NGOs, university professors and working on advocacies. 

Hanging out with creative people made my university life very different. I lived a very sheltered life prior to going to college. I learned a lot from them and saw a different reality. I learned what it means to be in a safe space with them, how to have fun and how to just keep powering on. 

What I missed most when we came together was our tambayan. Our tambayan was located at the student publications office. We shared a room with the English and Filipino student newspaper. We were always the noisiest group, but the "noise" wasn't just because of all the talking. We were also "noisy" in our logbook

The logbook was our "stream" where we write in our thoughts, draw stuff, put in announcements and generally let people know if we passed by the office. The logbook was mentioned during our meet-up and they mentioned it also saw a lot of angry posts and quarreling. 

Those were my growing up days and I've just been really happy to re-connect to my college friends. I guess it was a bit harder to find them since some of them don't have social media! Some had gotten married and changed their last names. Some I never saw again after they graduated. The amazing thing is life hasn't changed any of them. They're the same funny, learned, quirky, creative, noisy, crazy people I spent a lot of time with back in college. 

Love you guys, hope to see you again soon :)

CB//187 #StuckAtHomeDay/217 #StayHome #BeKind

*Temalats - our nickname for Malate Literary Folio

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