Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Buried Alive in a Dream

Oh my, my subconscious has been going bonkers the last few days. I had another strange dream last night.

Photo by Jayvee Fernandez.

This time I was with a few friends and the younger version of a friend's son. We were in a tropical paradise exploring a cave. We were just walking around and we were buried alive! I woke up shortly after that and was baffled about the dream. 

I normally ignore my dreams, but they've been so vivid the last few days. I searched on Google to check what it means to be buried alive especially since it sounds so negative. I read that it's actually a positive dream because it means you have untapped or unexplored talent.

I guess I'm having these dreams because there's several things I'm working on that could potentially make a huge impact on many lives. It's that or maybe it has something to do with the home projects I've been working on. Whatever it is I'm looking forward to discovering what this untapped talent or skill that's lurking within me. 

CB//196 #StuckAtHomeDay/226 #WFH133 #StayHome #BeKind 

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